I Migliori Libri Di Camilleri. Classifica E Recensioni Di Dicembre 2019

 How to choose a good book by Andrea Camilleri? Simple, by making aComparison of all his novels. Given, however, that the companypromises anything but easy, you can take a look at ourRanked proposals, so as to identify effortlessly storyYou can satisfy your “hunger” for detective stories.

1. Il commissario Montalbano. Le prime indagini

 Our itinerary to discover the best books by Andrea CamilleriHe could only begin with a volume containing the first three yellowsinvolving Montalbano, marking the beginning of a series ofhundred books who see him as the protagonist. In the first detective story entitled “The shape”, published in 1994,the Sicilian inspector will have to solve the mystery linked to the discovery ofcorpse of a man in a car, which then turns out to beinvolved in a series of scandals and adventures with the underworldSicilian.

Next, “The Terracotta Dog” that revolves aroundMafia murder in the background of two lovers found in a cavein the imaginary town of Vigata. In “The snacks” thief, however, the underlying theme is a more background”Exotic” because it is linked to the discovery of the body of a traderTunisian wine and then a Sicilian who apparently have nobond between them but which will discover connected by a singular factpersonnel.

For many of you are about to read for the first time adventuresMontalbano, this is definitely the book that you shouldbuy, so you can embark on a long journey to discoverthe exciting detective spawned from the brilliant mind of Camilleri.

2. La gita a Tindari

 Published in 2000 by the publisher Sellerio, “La gita a Tindari” is atale in which the literary artistry of Andrea Camilleri and hisundisputed genius deviate from the ordinary conception of the novelpolice in order to open a new door of a literary genre in halfway between the yellow and comedy.

In this story the way the author opens with a careful conceptualdescriptions of places and people that will involve the reader in a carefullooking for all the elements that will eventually lead to the resolution ofcase. As usual, the writer abounds in the use of metaphors in perfectSicilian style, although often are not easy to interpretfor those unsure about the Sicilian tradition, they offer a moment ofgreat literary entertainment aimed at making the most fluid and interweavingInteresting.

Surely you can not expect an epilogue by the typical background of noira yellow, but it is definitely the ideal choice for those seeking a goodreading to spend some time in “lightness.”.

3. Il cane di terracotta

 If you do not want to read the work “The Inspector Montalbano. The firstinvestigations “because they prefer to dedicate only one of the three yellow presentin the series, we should opt for “The Terracotta Dog”. The text in question, published in 1996, again by the publisherSellerio of Palermo, is the second story to have as protagonistSicilian Commissioner starring Luca Zingaretti in the now famoustelevision series.

The story takes place in the town of Vigata, figmentbut the author inspired by Dubrovnik, where the discovery of two bodieslovers in a cave opens a series of investigations and damped vicissitudeshere and there irreverence and the inspector’s sympathy and itsColleagues.

The story was so appreciated by critics to win in 1997 the XIChianti edition of the Literary Prize, which shows us that even inHis first works the writer has given proof of its modern style andengaging, offering readers a complex plot, but that harmoniouswell worth a read.


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