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 Main advantage: The design of this treadmill is intended purely for useAt the office. It is the best excuse to not give up the movement asthe focus on their work and the benefits are many althoughyou choose to do a simple walk. Main drawback: Being a “chamber” model sizes of the platform are usefulrather small and may be insufficient for those who have a stepparticularly long or if you want to use the treadmill fortraining and athletic training.

Verdict: 9.8 / 10 The basic idea is very pretty and allows guests to combine aspects of lifewhich until now they were thought to shut-off. So you can practicesports and movement even when the work forces at long distances,in front of the PC. The structure of the treadmill is solid and stable thanks todifferent layers of materials, which absorb the impact of the foot andgive the structure strength.

Description Key Features Innovative Design The concept behind this treadmill is that it makes possiblemoving even when you are in office. So it is the bestcompromise to avert the risk that an overly sedentary lifestyleIt involves the people who work many hours a day sitting.

The structure is very slim and discreet, perfect to disappear completelyunder a piece of furniture or to be placed under a higher table fortake a walk or a light jog without losing sight of the workon their computer screen. It is easy to move from one side of the room thanks also tolegs and wheels that are located at the end.

This makes itsimply place it where and when you need it because it is not of space whenhowever it is not in use. Easy to synchronize to the tablet via app A peculiarity of this model is the absence of sidebarssupport. The same that normally houses the computer that ishousing at the center of the structure to allow to monitor thetheir progress.

Here, however, you can interact directly via the app on your tabletthat connects to the treadmill by Bluetooth system. An innovationimportant because it helps to reduce the overall footprint of thestructure so that it becomes extremely lean and flexible.

If you feel you can not do without the lateral safety barYou can purchase a compatible part. Then it will be easy to mount anddisassemble according to specific needs. Adjustable speed and stability of the structure Through the app you can set the operation of the treadmill andthen decide whether to proceed at moderate speed, a simplewalk, or if you make a sustained speed run.

The choice settles on eight levels and the carpet has thecapacity to hold up to 110 pounds of user weight. So offersgood resistance, about average for this type of toolsintended for home. Several layers of insulating material allow a good cushioningof the strokes of the foot on the carpet ensuring stability and safety againstpossible microstress that can undergo the foot when running.


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